Jewish Youth Climate Movement

A Gen Z-led movement dedicated to combating climate change and environmental injustice from a Jewish lens.

Our goal is to make taking collective action towards climate justice a central, defining feature of what it means to be Jewish over the next decade, empowering the next generation of Jewish youth to be leaders in our fight to build a sustainable and equitable world for all. 
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Kvutzot (chapters/groups) are the heart and soul of our movement. As the ones who know your community best, you can best inspire, lead, and take action right near you. We have over 50 kvutzot in Jewish institutions and communities all around the country, and our national network is growing every day.

Leadership Board

JYCM’s National Leadership Board is composed of around 30 middle and high schoolers who support the success and day-to-day functioning of our national network of kvutzot (chapters), facilitate the development and inner workings of the movement, run national campaigns, and serve as the connection between JYCM and staff, mentors, and the wider Adamah organization.

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