Adamah Farm and Table: Journey to Red Barn Produce

by Mordechai Schram, Director of Adamah Food Services

Yesterday, the Adamah Farm and Table team took to the road to visit Kevin Terr, owner of our produce supplier Red Barn Produce in Highland, NY. It was an amazing trip where we learned about all the ways that Red Barn supports local farms and sustainable farming practices. Red Barn, a family owned business in operation for over 20 years, had identified the need for a local and specialty fruit and vegetable distributor here in the Hudson Valley.


They work with more than 30 local farms to bring the best of what the bountiful Hudson Valley has to offer in seasonal and sustainable fruits and vegetables. In addition to fresh produce, they also distribute local farm-fresh dairy items, grains, and artisanal foods. They support equal exchange practices for produce grown outside of the US, utilize controlled atmosphere technology for apple preservation, and contract with local farms to do freezing and canning thereby extending our access to local fruits and veggies throughout the winter.


They are true and valued partners with us here at Hazon/Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center helping us to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community and a healthier and more sustainable world for all. A great and educational time was had by all. To add to the fun, after our trip to Red Barn, and after Mordy took a wrong turn (sorry about that), we by chance stumbled upon the Kedem Winery and orchard in Marlboro NY. They grow all of the grapes for all of their juice right on the premises. Who knew? Stay tuned for our next Farm to Table adventure.


Present were – from our Adamah Farm Team: Shamu Sadeh, Janna Siller and Rebecca Bloomfield. From our Adamah Table Team: Mordy Schram, Tim Hemenway, Rachel Crane and Rich Whitaker. From Red Barn: owner, Kevin Terr.