Adamah on Campus

Adamah on Campus cultivates vibrant Jewish campus life in deep connection with the earth, through community-building, Jewish environmental education, immersive experiences, and climate action.  
Adamah on Campus leaders gathered for a leadership retreat

Adamah on Campus combines climate activism with Jewish tradition, identity, culture, and values to build community among Jewish students passionate about climate justice. In the wake of increasing climate disasters and anti-Semitism, young Jews know intimately the anxieties and challenges of growing up in a world rife with injustice and an uncertain future. Adamah on Campus provides a Jewish organizing home for these young college activists to feel: empowered in their identity, supported by a network of peers, Jewishly connected, and engaged in the current issues of our time.

Adamah on Campus serves students (and campus professionals) who:

  1. Seek to channel their passion for climate action and environmental justice. Adamah on Campus offers a peer network for organizing and taking action. Adamah has studied best practices of successful social movements, and has taken what we have learned from building the Jewish Youth Climate Movement in order to help students build Adamah on Campus from the ground up. 
  2. Are in search of further developing their Jewish identity and voice. Adamah on Campus is a space for college students to explore their identity, and fuse it with their passion for climate advocacy that would otherwise feel disparate. 
Campus leaders visited the Arava Institute ahead of joining the Adamah delegation to the COP 27 UN climate Summit

Adamah on Campus is currently supporting current, and building new, Jewish climate clubs on campuses across the country, led by Jewish college students, with support from Hillel International and other partners. Adamah Campus Leaders are empowered in leading Jewish environmental education programming and climate action initiatives, along with off-campus Adamah immersive national student climate activism retreats, and our Farm-based Alternative Spring Breaks at the Pearlstone Retreat Center and/or Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center.

Working with JYCM [was] a lifeboat for me. As I’ve gotten closer with this group of people and my tradition, it’s helped me find belonging and love in this sometimes devastating fight.

Penelope K., JYCM alum, student at Tufts University 

Rather than having to outgrow and leave behind a movement I love [JYCM], being a campus leader has allowed me to carry JYCM into the next chapter of my life along with me. Through our monthly workshops and check-ins, I’ve explored new areas of climate activism and learned how to apply these skills on college campuses.

Raphaela Gold, JYCM alum, student at Princeton University 

If you are a student, or campus or Hillel professional, please fill out the short interest form below to learn more and get involved.


Colleges With Active Adamah Campus Leaders

Brown University
University of Southern California
Haverford College
Princeton University
Tufts University
Washington University

University of Berkeley
Colorado College
Duke University
University of Vermont
University of Michigan