Teva Day School Program

Jewish Learning From The Roots Up!

Teva is an immersive nature and community living experience that brings the teachings of Torah to life for Jewish Day School students.

Fall Season:
Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center

Falls Village, CT
September – November

Spring Season:

Reisterstown, MD
April – June

Fostering a commitment to tikkun olam – healing the world – through the rhythms and wisdom of the natural world.

Over the course of four days, 5th – 6th grade students explore the ecological wisdom inherent in Jewish Tradition while facilitating personal growth and community building. Unplugging, slowing down and taking the time to learn and live in nature fosters responsibility and independence within young learners, as they form deeper connections to the Earth based on gratitude, awareness, and joy. Thousands of participants spanning all denominations from Jewish Day Schools, Hebrew Schools, camps, and youth groups throughout the country have been transformed by their Teva experience.

Staffed by an incredible team of Jewish environmental educators, we work with you to create a program that meets your needs and caters to your school’s unique identity, for groups of up to 125. Both host locations offer comfortable housing, kosher dining, and beautiful campuses surrounded by forests, farms, lakes, and streams.

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The miracles of nature are fleeting and often overlooked. The simple act of pausing to notice a shooting star, a strand of wild edible grapes, or a camouflaged salamander, reveal our sense of yirat shamyim – awe, and ahavat shamyim – gratitude.


Each creature and element within the ecosystem play a unique role while collectively generating the cycles of nature – a rhythm which is mirrored in the cycles that infuse Jewish tradition.


Ecological study forms a lens through which we examine Jewish ethics, aggadah – narrative, and halacha – law, to cultivate the desire to be a responsible steward of creation.

“At TEVA, I learned that everything in nature has a purpose.” – Sara, age 12

“…Our students experience personal growth, overcome fears, develop compassion for all living creatures, and are empowered by what they achieved…” – Teacher

“I will never forget the awesome bonding I got with my classmates…” – David, age 11

“TEVA opens up our students’ eyes and minds to the beauty, wonders, and lessons of the natural world around us and our responsibilities as Jewish stewards of Creation.” – Teacher