Our Climate Action Plan

As a member of the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition, Adamah has committed to develop, implement, evaluate, and share our organizational Climate Action Plan annually. Our Climate Action Plan details action taken to-date and sets measurable goals for how we will reduce our own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the coming year, and work to mobilize the broader Jewish community to engage in meaningful climate action. 

Read highlights for our 2023 plan below or review the summary of Adamah’s 2023 Climate Action Plan.

Highlights from the 2023 Climate Action Plan

Sourcing Clean Electricity

In 2023, Adamah will lay the groundwork to dramatically increase our solar energy production at the Pearlstone Campus in Reisterstown, MD. We will secure federal and philanthropic funding to build a 1 MW+ solar array system in 2024, which will cover 100% of the campus’ current electricity needs and prepare for future building electrification.

Preparing to Electrify

This year, we will develop a roadmap to fuel-switch all Pearlstone and Isabella Freedman buildings and vehicles. This process includes: mapping out all fossil fuel-powered inventory, noting when they are expected to expire, and updating the electrical systems necessary to support the transition to all-electric.

Unified Food Policy

Now that we are a merged organization, we are creating and implementing a unified food policy for events and programs hosted by Adamah, as well as for rental groups at both Pearlstone and Isabella Freedman. This policy will emphasize sourcing local foods and serving plant-rich meals.

JYCM teens in red shirts flexing arms

Jewish Youth Climate Movement

We will grow the number of Jewish Youth Climate Movement (JYCM) kvutzot (local organizing groups), while developing new opportunities for JYCM participants to engage in climate education and advocacy.

Weaving Climate into Jewish Education

At Adamah, we will continue to grow our signature climate programs, including Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition and Adamah Detroit’s Shomrei Adamah program, which combines climate education and action. We will weave climate action into all other Adamah program offerings, including retreat programming, Adamah Farm Fellowship, Teva, JOFEE programming, and community events, engaging thousands of community members this year in Jewish climate action.

Founding Partner Climate Action Plans

The founding partners of the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition have also worked to their craft own climate action plans. See below for the 2023 Climate Action Plans of these major Jewish umbrella organizations.