Isabella Freedman

Retreats at Isabella Freedman

Isabella Freedman hosts a wide variety of programs each year – celebratory retreats for Jewish holidays, summer programs, and contemplative yoga and meditation retreats.

All of our retreats welcome everyone, regardless of religious practice and background. Each of our retreats has a slightly different Jewish flavor, but all of them are rooted in our desire to be open to all. We take time to celebrate Shabbat and the holidays – although how that occurs may vary from retreat to retreat.

Throughout the cycle of the year, we try to offer different prayer experiences at our retreats (including alternative options such as meditation or yoga). However, you are always welcome to observe Shabbat or the holidays in your own way. We come together for meals and other moments as a whole community, and we aim to have our educational classes accessible to everyone. Please visit each retreat page to view the offerings.

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