Our Impact

Our mission to cultivate vibrant Jewish life in deep connection with the Earth has never been more critical.

Together, we face the very real challenges of the 21st Century ā€“ spiritual isolation, cultural dissolution, climate change ā€“ and we feel compelled to respond. Jewish wisdom as a guide for our everyday actions frames our approach as we attempt to answer this call, at the pace and scale that this moment demands.

In 2022:

13,000 people participated in Jewish Environmental Education and Immersive Retreats

18,000 people participated in community engagement efforts, including retreat rentals, campus use and farming

Over 100 organizations joined the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition

Iā€™m a seed, Adamah has been my soil, and the people here have provided sunlight and water to help me grow more fully into myself.

Hana Z.

2022 Program Highlights

2500 people attended Adamah Detroit programs, including over 1000 at the Michigan Jewish Food Festival held in August.
The Jewish Youth Climate Movement has 45 local kvutzot (chapters), with 225 members meeting at least monthly. 4500 people attended programs led by our kvutzot
450 students attended Teva, which reopened its doors to Jewish Day Schools for the first time since 2019
130 alumni from the Adamah Farm Fellowship and Teva gathered at Isabella Freedman to celebrate the growing movement