Bring Hazon to your community for Tu B’Shvat!

Tu B’Shvat is a perfect holiday to learn about creating a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community, and a healthier and more sustainable planet.  Enrich your Tu B’Shvat programming by featuring a Hazon speaker at your Tu B’Shvat seder, or bringing a Teva educator to run a youth program at your school or synagogue.

For more information and to create a unique Tu B’Shvat experience for your community, contact

Hazon Staff Guest Speaker at Your Tu B’Shvat Seder

Hazon Tu B'Shvat Seder, JCC in ManhattanHazon staff can speak to your community about the New Jewish Food Movement, Tu B’Shvat themes, the upcoming Shmita year and a variety of other Jewish environmental topics. Send us an email or call us so that we can get a sense of your community and its needs, and we’ll match you with the right person for your seder.

Cost: travel + honorarium

Elementary/Middle School programs with Teva Educators in the NY region

DSC_0257Teva educators are trained to create fun and meaningful educational experiences, on the trail or in the classroom, combining Jewish values and environmental stewardship. Bring them to your community to lead a 1 – 2 hour experiential program (for your classroom, youth group, etc) for groups of 25 – 100 kids.

A 2- hour program for elementary and middle school students might include:

  • Musical Build-A-Tree: Using sound, students learn the parts of a tree and discuss how a tree is like Torah & How is Torah like a tree….What are the newest parts of the tree — and the newest part of the Torah/Jewish people? What are our roots?
  • Eco-Dilemmas: Making decisions to help the Earth isn’t always black or white. Explore the grey areas around ecological decision making in your everyday life.
  • Story of My Snack: Food Meditation and Blessing – Students act out the story of the snack that they are about to eat…Where did it come from? What did it need to grow? Who grew it? How did it get to the store? Who bought it? What does it mean to eat “seasonal” or “local” food?
  • Ecodrama Light: Students act out parables, and discuss ecological concepts and values in each Jewish story.
  • Tree Jigsaw: Through drawings, students answer the question, “what is your favorite outdoor place?” They then build the tree jigsaw by having students put all of their pieces together.

Cost: $600 – $1,500

For more information and to create a unique Tu B’Shvat experience for your community, contact