[Cross-USA Ride] Why Are We Riding?

Cycling for Sustainable Food Systems

Riders speak with the owner of Jubilee Farm in Carnation, WA

The Hazon Cross-USA Ride is a 10-week journey across America. We are riding to promote sustainable food systems across the country and we are raising money to support Hazon’s efforts in working to create healthier and more sustainable communities.

We are educating ourselves and communities along the route about local food, national and local food policy initiatives, and food production. Our riders will hear from ethanol manufacturers, food science experts, local policy makers, and others.

As Jews, we are also reflecting on how 3000 years of Jewish tradition can direct our understanding of these topics. We will be visiting with Jewish communities large and small across the country to both educate and learn about these issues on a local scale.

Faith communities are part of the mosaic of American life. The pursuit of sustainable food systems requires mobilizing faith communities throughout the country. We are rallying the Jewish community beyond this cause, and invite you to join us whether you are part of any religion or none.

Our ride will end in Washington DC at the US Department of Agriculture. Our hope is to present them with a petition signed by people across America supporting sustainable food policies.

In this video, Wendy Haakenson tells us about Jubilee Farm in Carnation, WA. 

Join the Ride for a Segment

You can still sign up for parts of the ride!

  • 5 weeks: Twin Cities to Washington DC
  • 2 weeks: Twin Cities to Chicago
  • 2 weeks: Chicago to Pittsburgh
  • 3 weeks: Chicago to Washington DC
  • 1 week: Pittsburgh to Washington DC
  • Choose your own adventure by riding for a few days – contact us for details

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