2023 American Climate Leadership Awards Semifinalists

…Climate Action is Reaching New Audiences, as Impacts and Action Become More Significant Nationwide

Climate change is no longer in the realm of future scenarios and political banter, it’s a frontline community challenge now being addressed with pragmatic activities to confront and multisolve for 2025 and 2030 realities.

The 2023 American Climate Leadership Awards’ semifinalists represent extraordinary, effective, and replicable models of climate engagement and action. Semifinalists include local, state, and national efforts and represent health, faith, youth, and community efforts.

  1. Amazon Employees for Climate Justice
  2. American Security Project: National Climate Security Tour 
  3. Chesapeake Climate Action Network: Electrify MoCo Campaign
  4. City of Salem: El Punto Resiliency
  5. Climate Generation: Improving Nationwide Climate Change Education, Our Teach Climate Network
  6. Climate Resolve: Building Resilience in Boyle Heights
  7. Cooperation Jackson: Jackson Just Transition Plan
  8. Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Justice
  9. Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice (DWEJ): Awareness and Advocacy Through Art
  10. Fossil Free Presbyterian Church USA
  11. Green America: Consumer & Corporate Engagement Campaigns 
  12. Green The Church Community Renewal: Expanding Environmental Equity in Low-Income Communities of Color
  13. Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive Southwest Florida
  14. Hawaii Green Growth: United Nations Local2030 Hub
  15. Jewish Youth Climate Movement 
  16. Migrant Clinicians Network: Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable Population Impacted by Climate Change
  17. Montana Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate: Montana Air Quality Flag/Rural Outreach Program
  18. Mothers Out Front: Organizing For a Livable Climate for All
  19. My Green Doctor Foundation: Teaching Climate Change in Medical Office Waiting Rooms
  20. New York Sun Works: Discovering Sustainability Science K-12 Education Program 
  21. Presbyterians for Earth Care and Educational Programs
  22. Project ECHO: Climate Change and Human Health ECHO Program 
  23. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta: Atlanta Laudato Si’ Initiative
  24. Sustaining Earth Our Island Home in New Hampshire
  25. The Cool Boulder Campaign
  26. The Wild Center (Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks): The Youth Climate Program
  27. Unitarian Universalist Association: Climate Justice programming
  28. University of Washington: ClimateRx
  29. Weber State University: Campus electrification strategic plan
  30. Zumwalt Acres: A Regenerative Agriculture Community

The purpose of the American Climate Leadership Awards, hosted by ecoAmerica, is to recognize, reward, and share best practices on climate change advocacy and action nationwide.

The Awards provide money, support, and recognition for real climate leadership. Individuals and organizations selected as semifinalists have achieved success in building some meaningful political resolve for climate action at local, regional, and national levels, in ways that are replicable, while demonstrating diversity, inclusion, and justice.