Feeling The Gratitude Of Our Bounty And The Pride In Our Colleagues

by Mordechai Schram, Director of Food Services


It seems like just yesterday that we celebrated Shavuot/Yom Habikurim with a celebration of First Fruits – reveling in the tingling fresh taste of our delicious Shavuot Schav Shooters – Schav, is a delicious Sorrell and Potato Soup served hot or cold and made with Sorrell from Adamah Farms. Now that we are in early August, our fruits and veggies are in full abundance, and they have begun making their way to our kitchen in their full glory. So many colors, flavors and textures from the Collards, Kale, Cucumbers, Salad Turnips, Salad Greens, Romaine, Oregano and Basil. Today we held our second annual Farm & Table Team Farm Tour (say that 5 times fast). We toured the farm together and learned how the farmers grow such bounty without the use of chemicals- through the use of crop rotation, the creation of habitat for beneficial insects that help control pests, the mile high compost piles of food waste decomposing into rich fertilizer, drip irrigation technology (developed is Israel) and more. A fine and fun day was had by all. Now is a glorious time to be here at the farm, so we look forward to feeding you soon.

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Farm & Table Farm Tour photo captions (from left to right, going down):

1. Checking Out The Hillside Farm Where the Cabbages are growing for FireKraut
2. Making Our Way Through The Farm
3. Group Photo: (Left To Right): Zev Schuman (Goat / Field Apprentice) , Rich Whitaker (Chef), Janna Siller (Farm Manager), Chris Bary (Chef), Tim Hemenway (Head Chef), Mordy Schram (Director of Food Services) Joe Klein (Porter and Adamah Alumnus), Thalia Goldberg (Field Apprentice and Adamah Alumna), Lila Nadelmann (Mashgiach and Adamah Alumna), Chaya Klein (Masghgiach).
4. Janna educating us about the cucurbitaceae family. Did you know melons and cucumbers are in the same family?
5. Tim sampling some zucchini leaves – yum – not really 🙂
7. Checking out the goats & lambs.
8. Checking out the goats & Lambs w/Shamu (Director Of Adamah)
9. Vegetables Being Delivered To The Kitchen: tasting kale and turnips
10. Arthur Siller, our Adamah Farms Pickler, Delivering Salad Greens
11. Chard