Hakhel Spotlight: Israeli Community Barcelona

The Israeli Community Barcelona was established in October 2016 by a group of local Israelis who sought to join together in order to create a framework for social activities. The activities take place in Hebrew and revolve around Jewish holidays and Israeli culture.

The opening event was a Hanukkah party, which brought together 120 Israelis to a celebration of light and joy. Later, events for adults were also held and most of the holidays were celebrated in a traditional but non-religious manner, with the participation and assistance of the entire community.

In September 2017, the community education center was established – an Israeli cultural home for children ages 2-8. The children meet twice a month and learn about the holidays, Israeli songs and stories, movement, music, acting, and more. What connects all activity is the Hebrew language and Israeli culture. The children play in Hebrew and enrich their vocabulary, taste Israeli culture and are curious to continue exploring beyond the activity.

At the same time, the holiday traditions continued to grow, bringing local Israelis closer to an exciting and colorful cultural celebration. In addition, a group was established to support women in the first month after birth, by bringing home-cooked food to the family and assisting the mother. A community committee was established, which began by institutionalizing and organizing the manner of conduct and gave guidelines and a framework for community activity.

In September 2018, the activity was extended to older children ages 9 and up. A branch of the Hashomer Hatzair movement was established. Five boys and girls were given guidance in a training seminar and became the monitors of the young classes.

Today the Israeli community in Barcelona has 150 adults. The educational frameworks have about 50 children and they enjoy rich activities for all ages and a wide range of possibilities.

The community was registered as a non-profit organization which has allowed for fundraising and supporting the expansion and establishment of activities.


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