Hakhel Spotlight: Sadeh, UK

This past July at Sadeh, we organised our first summer camp.  Rooted in Jewish values Sadeh cultivates community, grows food, and sows the seeds of change.  Sadeh, which means field, is the first UK Jewish farm and environmental community of our generation.

Our summer camp was a week long day camp for children ages 5 – 10 and we had a great mix of children from our Jewish community and our local community. This was one of the first events both specifically for children and to encourage local people to come to our site. It was a massive success and we are already planning next year’s event!

Three practical tips we learnt from this event that I want to share:

– We definitely needed all 4 staff for 15 – 20 children.

– Don’t be afraid of doing morning Jewish songs with non – Jewish participants. Everyone loved it!

– We planned every second of the week but a lot of the time at least some of the children just wanted to play on the obstacle course or colour in by themselves which we let them do. Free play is so amazing and otherwise they might as well be in school!

Our next event is a special event to celebrate the water festival at the end of Sukkot so if you happen to be in the UK, head on over!

Check us out on our website, Instagram and Facebook!

– Love, Sadeh

Sadeh is a Hakhel community. Hakhel is the first-of-its-kind Jewish Intentional Communities incubator in North America. Learn more about Hakhel.


Sadeh is a Hakhel community. Learn more about Hakhel – the first-of-its-kind Jewish Intentional Communities Incubator