Hakhel Spotlight: Zooz, Melbourne

Zooz is a community in Melbourne, Australia which is run by for and young Jewish adults, aiming to provide these individuals with a framework for meaningful engagement with Judaism, Israel, and the wider community.

Zooz members meet weekly on Wednesday nights to engage with their Jewish identity and connect with like-minded people. This is achieved through peer-run sessions and community leaders lending their time to teach, inspire, and encourage the next generation of young Jewish people.

Zooz also has a shul where services are run every Friday night and on chagim.

The Zooz shul is highly regarded in the community as a place of meaningful tefillah (prayer) and beautiful singing.

Zooz Members are constantly involved in leadership within a range of Jewish schools in the community, helping out as madrichim on camps and as part of other programs. Zooz also hosts a range of communal events throughout the year, most notably their famous Tikkun Leil Shavuot, which brings hundreds of people together in community and is a place for learning.

With a strong core leadership, good governance, and proud members Zooz is very excited for what the future holds. We plan to increase our reach in the community and hope to plan a trip to Israel in the coming months, an idea our members are very excited about.


Zooz is a Hakhel community. Learn more about Hakhel – the first-of-its-kind Jewish Intentional Communities Incubator