Hazon Detroit: Food Rescue Update

One year in, we’ve rescued over 250 tons – or 500,000 pounds – of food!

Hazon Detroit’s Food Rescue and Redistribution work continues to be a major focus for us, as we try to help reduce the amount of food insecurity in our neighborhoods and provide the most basic kind of sustainability – sustenance – to those hit hardest by the Coronavirus. One year into the pandemic, with the help of countless incredible partners, we have rescued and redistributed over 250 tons – 500,000 pounds – of food! But numbers tell only a sliver of the story, because this work is truly about the individuals and families that benefit from the food we rescue. Read the message below from one frontline volunteer about the impact that this food has for those who receive it:

Dear all,

I want to share some news, observations, and thanks to each of you! I am the one who greets our friends and generally has a brief (and sometimes long) chat with the vast majority of them! We help over 300 families each month and now average nearly 75-80 each week! We have lost a few because life did get better and are now providing enough food for the family is not such a stressor! There have been some  who have new jobs or are called back to the one they were laid off from. We see babies, young children, elderly people, caregivers, neighbors, friends, and dogs!  We continuously hear thank you’s, “God Bless all of you,” “I don’t know what I would do without you,” “I love you,” and”Good Shabbos,” from so many! I love that some tell me or show me photos of what they have made from what you pack or give to us! The turkeys alone made more dishes than one could ever imagine, including “Turkey Blintzes” and the “Best Smoothies” from the frozen blueberries, barbecued chicken from the efforts of Wren packing a bag of sauce to give with the chicken breasts! The first shift works especially hard to unpack, distribute, take the bags to the curbside, break the boxes down for recycling and as well as Hazon who works furiously to make sure we have enough food for our friends! 

One of the best things, of late, is that for the past few weeks I have asked every person who appears to be in that 65+ range if they have had the vaccine or are at least are signed up! I have given some the information on where to sign up! This past week nearly all of them have had at least one vaccine! (I, personally, have helped a handful of friends and family members who are computer illiterate including transportation and borrowing my wheelchair!)  

We started with baby steps in July and now we remain part of the most gratifying thing I, personally, have ever done in my life! I know you each feel the same way! We even have a student joining us as a project for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. 

Shabbat Shalom and enjoy the sunshine!

-An Inspired Volunteer