Hazon Detroit: Of Spirit and of Seed

Dear Friends,

As you know, it’s been gray and rainy since November. Not as much snow as some years, but cold, drizzly, damp, and long. We’ve been cooped up indoors trying to find outlets for excess energy, and yet seasons are seasons and we can only do so much to buck the natural order of things. So for months now, we’ve been waiting around as the days grow darker and the nights grow longer, biding time patiently for the vernal release. And then, just like that we turned the clocks ahead and all of a sudden it’s light at 7:30pm and 32 degrees and sunny feels balmy and 40s and 50s are in the forecast and thank goodness, spring is coming!

It’s in the full moon midst of this pent up vitality that Purim comes along with its burlesque theatrics and carnival conviviality, a cure for the common case of spring fever. We dance through distinctions and imbibe in creative intuition, recalling a fantastical and topsy turvy drama of inner-court intrigue and epic reversals of fate and fortune that cunningly parallel the natural world, paving the way for our people’s near-genocide to become our jubilant celebration of national triumph.

In this time of potent prescient budding – of spirit and of seed – we invite you to drink deep from the well of possibility and mystery, of increased joy and decreased inhibitions, to explore the edges of shadow and the reflections of masquerade as we embrace the fairy filaments of what can be when we let our hearts swell and our spirits soar.

Here at Hazon this month we are launching new programs and preparing for the start of others. We are offering opportunities for deep learning and holy ritual engagements, and we’re celebrating growing partnerships and the novel initiatives they have inspired. And all the while, we have our senses tuned to the blooming buzz of spring, for we know that communal liberation is sprouting just around the corner.

In loving community,

Rabbi Nate, Wren, Marla, Brittany, Hannah, and Megan