JYCM Day of Climate Education and Action: Day in Review

Teens engaged in three trainings led by their teen peers.

On Sunday, Oct. 23, 15 Metro-Boston area Jewish teenagers gathered for an exciting and engaging day of education and action at Temple Beth Zion in Brookline.

At the first Jewish Youth Climate Movement Day of Education and Action in a series across the country, teens engaged in three trainings all led by fellow Jewish teens: The Jewish Climate Narrative, Organizing for Collective Action, and a community storytelling workshop.

Participants joyfully engaged in thoughtful discussions around the importance of the Jewish community’s involvement in taking climate action and understanding how we can organize for collective action in our communities by understanding systems of power. The teens also began writing their own climate narratives after learning about the importance of public narrative in both activist and Jewish spaces. Lastly, the teens were able to connect with one another and bond through a delicious and enjoyable lunch.