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Work as a program educator at Eden Village Camp! We hire educators in all of our core program areas: herbalism, farming, woodshop music, culinary arts, wilderness survival, and art. Come share your wisdom with our campers! 

Eden Village camp is a non-profit overnight camp rooted in the Jewish vision of creating a more environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually connected world. We’re dedicated to providing campers with an incredible summer experience while empowering them to promote a vibrant future for themselves, their communities, and planet. Learn more here! 

Herbalism: Join Eden Village’s herbalism educator team this summer and empower campers to draw on the ancient wisdom of plant medicine! Our herbalism program aims to deepen our spiritual, communal, and land connection by tapping into the abundance of the earth and the natural medicines growing all around us. Share your knowledge and passion for herbs by guiding campers in making teas, tinctures, salves, deodorants, incense, soaps, infused oils, flower essences, masks, scrubs, and so much more.

Wilderness Survival: Join the Eden Village wilderness educator team! Spend your summer inspiring campers to build a deep connection with nature through practicing ancient wilderness skills. We’re whittling and carving wood, crafting rope from bark, learning knots, building shelters, tracking animals, identifying plants, building fires, and leaning into the wild-ness of the wilderness. We’re heading into the woods to find a deep spirituality, grow our sense of self, and learn to support each other in community.

Woodshop: Our Woodshop Specialist guides campers ages 8-16 in learning how to build, create, and craft from wood in our brand new Woodshop! Campers leave feeling empowered to use power tools for the first time, be creative, and make things with their hands that they’ll use in their daily lives outside of camp!

Music: Eden Village’s Music Specialists are the backbone of our camp culture. From morning meditative song circles to exuberant Friday night oneg and every after-meal blessing and song session, you’ll be bringing our community together through music. At Eden Village, we don’t listen to any recorded music- we make it all ourselves! You’ll spend your days teaching campers new instruments, how to write songs, form bands, and perform for each other. You’ll make every day at camp a dance party!

Culinary Arts: Bring your food values deliciously to life as the Culinary Arts Specialist at Eden Village! You’ll work with the abundance of our farm and orchard to teach farm-to-table cooking skills and inspire young people to have autonomy over what they eat and where their food comes from. Get creative with fresh goat milk from our goats, eggs from our chickens and an abundance of farm fresh veggies, inspiring deep gratitude for the land and communities that feed us. Guide campers in learning everything from knife skills and kitchen safety to how to make fresh pasta, pickles, bread, ice cream, fermented foods, canned goodies and so much more!

Art Educator: Join our art educator team! Eden Village’s art program is grounded in using natural materials and the abundance of the land around us to create beautiful and functional crafts that our campers can use in their everyday lives. We’re crafting mugs and plates from clay, making candles from beeswax, felting hats from wool, making our own natural dyes from plants we grow on our farm, sewing bags and clothing, and so much more. We’re finding inspiration in the abundance of the land, and leaning into the joy, gratitude, and deep spirituality that comes from creating beauty all around us.


  • Live on site at Eden Village Camp for the 9 week summer season
  • Prior experience as an educator
  • Basic knowledge in your specialty area
  • Must love being organized and ready to caretake a space used by 250+ community members.
  • Work well on a team and be open to direction from your supervisor.
  • Specialists must be at least 18 years old, and are expected to stay at camp the entire season and attend staff training. 


  • Teach 3-4 programs every day for campers ages 8-16.
  • Prepare lessons for campers age 8-16 in your program area. You are coming into years of pre-written lesson plans with the ability to tinker and personalize.
  • Keep your program space clean and organized.
  • Ideally, you can help draw connections between being Jewish and your program area…but we can help with that.
  • Flexible and able to go with the flow as challenges arise
  • Community-minded with an emphasis on intentional Jewish community experience
  • Excited to work at a summer camp with kids of all ages
  • Attend and support evening programming as needed

Why you’ll love it!

  • Experience deep community with a vibrant staff of 120 young people from all over the world and a core cohort of 15 other educators specializing in art, herbs, farm, wilderness skills, and more!  Our community values skills sharing, spiritual growth, and inclusivity.
  • You’ll enjoy three kosher, organic, locally sourced meals a day.
  • We have a secret little room just for staff snack…and a not-so-secret not-so-little FARM full of fresh off the vine snacks! We’re munching on cherry tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, cucumbers, peaches, cherries, carrots, and so much more all summer long.
  • You get to hang out with goats!
  • We have at least one  staff fun activity every night and staff-only swim a few times a week.
  • You’ll inspire kids to be more playful, kind, caring, joyful, and grateful- changing their lives and changing the world! 

Dates: June 16th – August 19th 2024

Time Off: All staff receive one 24-hour day off per week, and around 3 hours off every day.

Salary: $2,000 base salary with additional compensation depending on experience

To apply for this job email your details to