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Bunk Counselor

Counselors care for, supervise, and live with a group of campers and are their primary caretakers. As facilitators of campers’ experience, counselors strive to raise self esteem, empower children to take on challenges and leadership opportunities, and foster the bunk group dynamic by actively participating in all camp activities offered by specialists. Excellent communication skills, group leading, childcare experience and love of nature are essential.  

About Eden Village West

Eden Village West is an organic farm-to-table residential Jewish camp in Sonoma County, California with a 6-week overnight summer program as well as other farm programming throughout the spring and fall. Our campers enjoy farming, wilderness and homesteading skills, culinary arts, music and sports as they become empowered to promote a more environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually connected world for all.


-Counselors must be at least 18 years old, and are expected to attend staff training, stay at camp the entire season, and oversee a bunk of campers for 6 weeks of the summer
-Works well independently and with others and is able and willing to accept supervision and guidance
-Able to create an environment where campers feel emotionally and physically safe
-Able to provide opportunities for campers to achieve successes
-Able to put the needs of the campers before the needs of self


-Supervise all aspects of the camp day
-Create and participate in bunk activities
-Monitor bunk cleanliness and camper’s health
-Communicate with campers through Non-Violent Communication techniques
-Respect and support a pluralistic Jewish community
-Responsible for adhering to all camp rules and policies
-Excited about being a role model 24/7
-All staff at Eden Village West, regardless of their job, should expect to support the running of the camp in a variety of ways that are not outlined here. As a community working collectively to keep campers safe and happy, each summer is full of unexpected blessings and challenges. -We rely on our staff’s flexibility to meet those challenges. 

Why you’ll love it! 

-Experience a deep community with a vibrant staff of 75 people from all over the world!  Our community values skills sharing, spiritual growth, and inclusivity.
-You’ll enjoy three kosher, organic, locally sourced meals a day.
-You get to hang out with goats! 
-We have staff fun activities that take place 2-3 times a week, facilitated by your fellow staff members! 
-You’ll inspire kids to be more playful, kind, caring, joyful, and grateful- changing their lives and the world! 

Dates: 6/9/2024-8/1/2024

Time Off: All staff receive one 24-hour day off per week, and at least 1 hour off everyday

Base Salary: $2,400 (+bonus for returners) + Room & Board

To apply for this job please visit