• Temporary
  • Healdsburg, California
  • $3,000 base salary, additional compensation DOE + Room and Board USD / Year

Website Eden Village West

The Jewish Organic Farm Camp

As the Archery Specialist at Eden Village West, you’ll bring the ancient art of archery to life by intertwining the precision and discipline of this timeless sport with the rich tapestry of Jewish values and teachings. You’ll guide campers in drawing parallels between archery and Jewish concepts such as kavanah (intention), focusing on the importance of aligning one’s actions with purpose and thoughtfulness. This role is an opportunity to meld physical skill with spiritual reflection, creating a space where campers can explore personal growth, self-control, and the deeper connections between their actions and the wider world. You’ll inspire confidence and a sense of accomplishment, all while fostering an appreciation for outdoor sports and the deep connection between nature, patience, and precision. You’ll be crafting not just skilled archers but memories and experiences that intertwine the thrill of archery with the values of resilience, mindfulness, and community spirit.

Eden Village West is a non-profit overnight camp rooted in the Jewish vision of creating a more environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually connected world. We’re dedicated to providing campers with an incredible summer experience while empowering them to promote a vibrant future for themselves, their communities a

To apply for this job email your details to aubrey@edenvillagewest.org