• Full Time
  • Berkeley, CA
  • $84,000 to $97,000 USD / Year

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Jewish educational farm & community center

Urban Adamah is an educational farm and community center in Berkeley, California that integrates the practices of Jewish tradition, mindfulness, sustainable agriculture, and social justice to build loving, just, and sustainable communities. We provide training programs, educational workshops, and community celebrations for more than 10,000 visitors annually.


The Facilities Director is responsible for Urban Adamah’s safety, security, and maintenance and improvements of the physical infrastructure of our site. Urban Adamah’s campus is a two-acre site that, in addition to our farm, is home to a wide array of facilities including a retreat lodge, community gathering spaces, offices, greenhouses, and a greywater irrigation system. The Facilities Director supervises the Senior Facilities Associate, collaborates with program departments, and hires outside contractors as needed. They are supervised by the Senior Director of People & Operations.

The ideal candidate for this role will be excited about leveraging their trade skills and team leadership experience in an incredibly unique environment, and passionate about fostering operational excellence at the intersection of facilities and community-driven programs.


The Facilities Director is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Urban Adamah campus which includes seven core buildings as well as other outdoor structures, storage spaces, etc.

  • Create, update as needed, and manage long-term maintenance plans and ensure upkeep of buildings and facilities within a given budget
  • Manage and maintain computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to ensure all site assets are consistently inspected and maintained in collaboration with the Senior Facilities Associate
  • Support the Senior Facilities Associate as needed with site maintenance and repair across all buildings and physical structures and systems
  • Oversee the facilities request work order system in Asana, decide which tasks move forward, communicate with requestors, and complete or delegate tasks
  • Manage cleaning system get input from programs & rentals, organize needed cleanings, communicate with cleaners
  • Custodial support, representing anywhere from 0 to 4 hours per week, including but not limited to: Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, Dusting / cobweb removal, Refilling soap and paper product dispensers, Cleaning spills, Advising others on appropriate sanitation methods
  • Staff and Program set up and breakdown supportSet-up and breakdown for staff and board meetings
  • As needed and as feasible given other responsibilities, to provide assistance to program staff with set-up and break down.


The Facilities Director collaborates on planning and leads implementation of new physical infrastructure projects.

  • Meet with senior leaders and program staff to learn and understand  programmatic needs
  • Determine and advise on scope, schedule, and cost for project implementation, based on available facilities staff time and budget, as well as possible competing needs
  • Plan and lead internal implementation and/or identify and hire/manage contractors to complete the work
  • Lead occasional carpentry classes for fellowship participants

The Facilities Director leads the Safety Team which assesses risks and sets policy and practices to ensure site safety and security. They are the designated Safety & Security Officer and proactively monitor and resolve or propose resolutions to safety and security issues.

  • Plan, track, and lead or hire for safety and security related drills and trainings across the organization
  • Safety – Implement and maintain systems to ensure safety is a consistent part of organizational culture including quarterly safety weeks and safety protocols
  • Security – Oversees all aspects of security from physical infrastructure to protocols, including implementation and oversight of security related grants. Collaborates with security advisors to improve site security.


The Facilities Director helps ensure that Urban Adamah upholds its commitment to sustainability and accessibility across the site, overseeing sustainable sourcing, best disposal and recycling practices, and ADA compliance.

The Facilities Director oversees the facilities budget, grant reporting for security related grants, and supervises the Senior Facilities Associate.

  • Build and modify systems to make work flows smooth, supportive, efficient, and timely, including but not limited to: COVID protocols, facilities requests, site-wide cleaning calendar
  • Supervise the Senior Facilities Associate, delegating tasks and encouraging and supporting learning and growth
  • Build budget and track spending, adhering to approved budget
  • Oversee systems to ensure all consumables, tools, and materials are in stock and operational when they are needed with support from Senior Facilities Associate
  • Update staff on projects, repairs, and facilities work which impacts staff and/or programs

At times, the Facilities Director may be asked to perform duties not explicitly listed in this job description.


The physical demands listed below are representative of those that must be met by an employee in this position. Some accommodations may be made to enable people with disabilities to succeed in the role:

Typing, writing, reading, hearing, and speaking
Use of hands, fingers, and feet to operate equipment
Standing and walking for several hours, as well as sitting, squatting, crawling, climbing, and lifting up to 50 lbs.

This is a full-time, benefited, and exempt position that includes healthcare, holidays, and paid time off. The salary range for this position is $84,000 to $97,000 per year. Comprehensive benefits include:

100% health care coverage for self and 50% coverage of dependents in a Silver Tier Kaiser plan or its equivalent in our carrier’s options
80% coverage of dental insurance for self
Paid vacation days beginning at 15 days; 20 days in second year; incremental increase to 25 days 
5 paid sick days per year
Up to 20 paid holidays (a mix of both national and Jewish holidays)
Tax-free retirement account after 2 years 
A pre-tax FSA for medical, dependent care, and transit
Paid and unpaid parental, medical, and bereavement leave (following 1 year of employment)
Paid Jury Duty leave
Unpaid time off

This is a full-time, 40 hour per week position. General hours of employment are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday. The Facilities Director may occasionally be asked to work on an evening or weekend, for which correlating time off will be given. 

You are excited about Urban Adamah’s mission and have the background and experience to lead the Facilities team’s work. You work collaboratively, are good at building systems, and are able to focus on supporting the emergent needs of an organization. You are able to both zoom-out to see the big picture and zoom-in to focus on important details. You are able to deal with emergent problems in a calm, supportive way.

We are open to applicants with varying levels and types of experience, provided that the applicant displays the skills required to successfully execute the job described above. You might be a good fit if you possess/demonstrate the following.


Trade & Maintenance Skills

  • You have experience in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, other trades
  • You have experience with building and/or infrastructure maintenance
  • You have experience teaching and sharing your trade skills with others

Strategy, Problem Solving, and Leadership

  • You think ahead and can plan for projects or tasks several months in advance
  • You enjoy problem solving, seeing it as an opportunity to connect with and support others and the organization
  • You are good at managing complex projects, competing priorities, and can successfully adapt and pivot when urgent issues arise
  • You are a critical thinker with a high level of analytical/interpretive thinking and problem-solving skills
  • You are an experienced department manager or team lead and can successfully train, direct, and motivate others

Administrative & Organizational Excellence

  • You thrive in environments where you get to hold the operationalization of your assigned workload
  • You are highly organized, able to track and execute on multiple projects and tasks simultaneously, and are detail oriented
  • You are comfortable maintaining multiple channels of communication (text, email, phone, Slack) and independently managing your workflow to keep projects on track
  • Tech-savvy: you are very comfortable with Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Slack, and database systems 

Communication, Collaboration & Customer Service

  • You communicate and collaborate well with a range of colleagues and other stakeholders and are comfortable giving and receiving feedback
  • You enjoy learning from and with talented colleagues, and are excited to be part of the success of the whole organization
  • You appreciate the powerful impact of providing prompt responses to support inquiries, meeting people’s needs proactively, and treating staff and other community members with respect and care

Self-Awareness & Partnership

  • You take broad responsibility for your work and approach tasks and priorities with a critical mindset
  • You regularly seek, incorporate, and share new information and feedback
  • You work well on a team and independently and are comfortable in both leadership and supporting roles
  • You value the diversity of insight, perspective, and experience brought by people from diverse backgrounds. You are committed to reflecting on and addressing inequities stemming from privilege and oppression in your community


Relevant experience in either for or not-for-profit environments
Direct experience working in facilities maintenance & repair, trades or related fields
Demonstrated ability to create and manage well-functioning organizational systems

To apply for this job please visit urbanadamah.pages.ontraport.net.