Join the People of the Bike

Dear Friends,

While I’m not a farmer myself, I have deep admiration and appreciation for the work that farmers do: how beautiful it is, the glory of hard work transforming into harvest, the ways that it gives life to our community.

I am similarly not a biker; and yet for years now I’ve had the honor and pleasure of witnessing – and supporting – the many members of our community who have participated in Hazon bike rides.
Since 2008, I, personally, have served as a crew member to Hazon bike rides in New York, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in Israel, watching community members just like you (and perhaps including you) traverse amazing vistas, experience life-changing transformations, and support sustainable communities, a healthier environment, and – in the case of the Arava Institute & Hazon Israel Ride – a more peaceful world.

And perhaps the most surprising thing to me about attending Hazon bike rides is how they’ve left me feeling that one day I might be a participant myself. Indeed, most Hazon bike riders don’t look like they just came off the Tour de France. Participants come in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, religious backgrounds, and levels of experience. Some do the whole ride. Some ride a little less.  Some need extra support, which is always ready and waiting. Some opt to work on the crew. And everyone is honored in feeling like part of the same community, together.

As much as Hazon bike riders have moved their pedals, they’ve moved me; and their fundraising efforts have been a key spoke in Hazon’s ability to affect positive and meaningful change in our communities… and in our world.

In the January 23rd Newsletter, you will find information about our three 2014 rides: the Hazon Golden Gate Ride, Hazon New York Ride, and Arava Institute & Hazon Israel Ride. Please take a look and consider joining us for one of these amazing experiences this year.

(And, if you’d like a little laugh, click here to see my video greeting to participants at the end of our 2013 Cross USA Ride.)

Best Always,
David Weisberg

Click here to see the January 23rd Newsletter.