The Maryland Legislative session is over AND there is still work to be done!

Here are highlights of the BIG VICTORIES for the environment achieved this year:

  • The Environmental Justice Commission: Strengthens the existing Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities.
  • Transportation: Funding for public transit; requires the Maryland Transit Administration to convert to electric buses; and supports the expanded use of electric cars.
  • Clean energy: All proposals for new, large electricity-generating facilities to be evaluated for their climate impacts; ends subsidies for electricity generated by burning “black liquor” and more solar energy support.
  • Zero waste: Increases composting of food waste, ends counting incinerator ash as a recycled material, and limits plastic pollution from balloon litter.
  • Natural places: Programs to: plant five million trees; reduce nitrogen pollution; and improve stormwater run-off pollution.

There also were significant bills which DID NOT make it across the finish line:

  • Community Coal Transition: Deadlines for closing Maryland’s remaining coal plants, and support impacted workers and communities.
  • Climate Solutions Now Act: Though two key subparts – electric transit buses and planting millions of trees – were enacted in separate bills.
  • Zero waste: A statewide ban on plastic shopping bags; a bill to expand producer responsibility; limitations on single-use plastics at restaurants; and more.

Please connect with our allies for more information on speaking out on these critical environmental issues—both at the local and federal levels:

Your Voice Matters!

Pearlstone Community Sustainability Opportunities

Here are three ways to take environmental action through Pearlstone’s programs:
  1. Green Loan Fund: Pearlstone administers and offers the Green Loan Fund for qualifying organizations within Baltimore’s faith-based community. Sample projects include: lighting improvements, mechanical equipment upgrades, automation and controls for lights, and solar generation.
  2.  Community Solar: There is a new solar farm underway on private land in West Friendship, MD — land that is leased out from farmers, allowing them to earn guaranteed income and preserve local farming for future generations. Four acres of new forest will be planted around the installation and the project will support the native pollinator habitat!
  3.  Permaculture Design Course: This life-changing 17-day residential course provides Permaculture skills, resources, and community for you to live in harmony with the Earth!
For more information, reach out to: 

Joan Plisko, Community Sustainability Director, Pearlstone,