Recent staff changes

Recent staff changes (in alphabetical order!):​

  • Mark Bailey came on board in June as our new Design Fellow (in the Marketing & Communications branch)​
  • Judith Belasco is now Hazon’s Chief Program Officer
  • Julie Botnick shifted to the position of Program Associate on August 3rd.
  • Jac Cohn has re-joined the Hazon family as our Adamah Marketing Apprentice.
  • Drisana Davis and Nia Taylor will be leaving Hazon as of October 31, as we undertake a Bay Area transition and de-staffing.
  • Jessie Katz is currently shifting to the new position of Director of Outreach, moving over to this new role full-time after the NY Ride. Among her responsibilities, Jessie will staff a New York Regional Advisory Board.
  • Miriam Leichtling has been hired as our new Director of Rides, beginning August 11th.
  • Meredith Levick has been hired for the new role of Associate Director of Education) and began work on August 3rd.
  • Becca Linden, while not changing titles, will be shifting a significant amount of her focus towards leading our new Hazon Seal of Sustainability program.
  • Nati Passow left Hazon as of July 31st to focus on Jewish Farm School, with Leah Lazer becoming lead staff person in the Philadelphia region;
  • David Rendsburg is currently shifting from Director of Rides to the new position of Director of Data & Analytics, moving over to this new role full-time after the NY Ride.
  • Margot Seigle has shifted into the role of JOFEE Infusions Coordinator at Isabella Freedman.
  • Yoshi Silverstein began work on July 20 as the Director of our new JOFEE Fellowship program.