The Jew and the Carrot Round Up 4/3/12

The past few weeks on JCarrot have been exciting, especially as we near Passover. Daniel Infeld offered his reflections on kosher airplane food and the challenges these meals present. New writer Kirby Oren-Zucker shared her thoughts on slowing down life in order to observe Shabbat, and how food plays a big part in this. In gearing up for Passover, we’ve featured two articles with unique and tasty recipes: Rachel Harkham presents to us a quickfire-style challenge that tries to make the best matzah brie and Dahlia Abraham-Klein provides us with a seasonal soup recipe. Thank you to Hazon intern, Alyssa Berkowitz, for compiling this week’s round up!

Reminder- Passover begins next Friday, April 6th.

This Week’s Featured Articles

  • Kosher Food at 30,000 Feet by Daniel Infeld- “When thinking about fine dining, or really even just food that you want to eat, airline meals are not what comes to mind. While most major carriers have done away with meal service on domestic flights, the meals wrapped in foil are still alive and kicking on international routes.”
  • Photo by Kirby Oren-Zucker

    Shabbat Lunch is a Country Song. Who Knew? by Kirby Oren-Zucker- “Yesterday, I listened to a country song on the radio, a lyrical lament of a time gone by, as country songs often are. But one line made me laugh: “sittin’ around the table don’t happen much anymore.” It doesn’t, at least not at my house Sunday through Thursday.”

  • Brie Brei With Marmalade by Rachel Harkham- “When approached the right way, Passover cooking can have a Top Chef quality to it: Make a delicious and flavorful meal using eggs, matzah, and marmalade in fifteen minutes or less. Go!”
  • Photo by Dahlia Abraham-Klein

    Spring into Passover with a Seasonal Soup by Dahlia Abraham-Klein- “Passover (Chag Ha Aviv, or the holiday of spring) is meant to do more than recall the story of our Exodus from Egypt; it also is a time to celebrate the abundance of earth’s newest bounty of vegetables and herbs that have just sprouted.

Chag Sameach!

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