The Jew and the Carrot Round Up – 1/17/2012

Happy New Year from Hazon and The Jew and the Carrot,Β Hazon’s award-winning blog! Here are some highlights from The Jew and the Carrot from the last week, discussing the finest in Jews, food, and contemporary life.

  • FotoosVanRobin

    Foods of Israel: Tahini: “When folks think of Israel’s reigning culinary monarch, they think of the falafel. While this might indeed be true, behind every good falafel ball is an equally delicious and every bit as loved food that is far easier, and far more nutritious: tahini.”

  • Shabbat Meals: Dessert No Piece of Cake?: “When I first started keeping a kosher home, the biggest change was dessert. True there were new sets of dishes to keep track of, and combinations of foods that were not allowed, but the thing that would trip me up the most was planning our Friday night meals. We like to serve meat on Shabbat. It’s a treat, and much enjoyed. But that means…parve dessert?”
  • Deep Kashrut Resolutions for the New Year: “With the New Year comes the New Year’s Resolution. Polls say 45% of all Americans make at least one resolution, the most popular of which is to lose weight. But according toΒ Opinion Research Corporation, one out of every four people never follow through on their resolution because they set a goal they can’t achieve.”

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