The Jew and the Carrot Round Up – 3/19/12

The past few weeks, we have featured some great articles on JCarrot. Simon Feil offered his non-traditional take on the meaning of Purim, through the experience of eating “miracle berries.” Alexa Weitzman shared her recipe for harissa, a North African hot sauce. Lastly, new writer Alyssa Bauer shared her thoughts on the similarities and differences between knishes and empanadas as a resident of Buenos Aires.Β Thank you to Hazon intern,Β Alyssa Berkowitz, for compiling this week’s round up!

This Week’s Featured Articles

  • Flavor Tripping for Purim by Simon Feil- “I have often wondered, during yet another endless Yom Kippur service, why we couldn’t do something more engaging of our full selves. Emulate, say, some Native American traditions and have a peyote ritual. Something sweaty, visceral, more likely to have me encounter the Divine than an endless repetition of blood spattering in the Temple. Put the “high” in High Holidays, if you will.” [myspacer]
  • Harissa: the North African Jewish Hot Sauce by Alexa Weitzman- “I don’t know when it happened, but one day I started liking a little spice in my food. It started slowly, little by little, and before I knew it, I found myself sprinkling red pepper flakes or squirting Sriracha on many of my meals.” [myspacer]
  • Knishes and Empanadas in Buenos Aires by Alyssa Bauer- “When I arrived to Buenos Aires, I was impressed by a bustling city at the intersection of Latin America, Europe and the United States.” [myspacer]

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