The Jew and the Carrot Round Up – 5/2/12

Over the past few weeks we’ve featured some really interesting articles on JCarrot. Judith Belasco offered her reflections on cooking with her “sous chef,” her two-year-old son Noah; Alyssa Bauer shared with us information about the Shefa Project, a Jewish, sustainability initiative at McGill University; and lastly, I wrote an article about the upcoming program, “To Till or To Tend” between the Jewish Farm School and Hebrew College. Thank you to Hazon intern, Alyssa Berkowitz, for compiling this week’s round up. This is her last round up as her time with Hazon comes to an end. We wish her the best of luck in finishing her degree!

This Week’s Featured Articles

  • Stir, Pour, Not Much More: Cooking with Noah by Judith Belasco– “My sous chef tosses the salad and some of it ends up on the floor. He sticks his hand into the bowl, picks out his favorite ingredients and eats them. He takes a bite of a carrot, declares it “too hard” and returns the teeth-marked carrot to the bowl.” [myspacer]
  • Shabbat Done Sustainably by Alyssa Bauer– “Walking inside from the cold wintery streets of Montréal, where the smell of onions and carrots fill the two-story shul, one can hear Friday night prayers ring out from a boisterous crowd of 20-somethings, excited university students and local community members welcoming the Shabbat Queen.”

Interested in contributing to The Jew and the Carrot? We are currently accepting submissions for the month of May. Some topic ideas include: gearing up for the CSA season- what are you most excited about? May is bike month! Do you have any nutritional suggestions for those looking to bike a little more? Shavuot is approaching! Do you have any interesting or innovative recipes to celebrate the holiday? Any healthy alternatives to the traditional cheesecake? As always, if you know of anyone doing great work in the Jewish food world, we’d love for you to feature them on JCarrot. Read our guidelines.

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