[Newsletter May 23, 2013]The Power & Potential of Jewish Retreats

“This place opened my mind to what healthy, vibrant, connected, spiritual Jewish community can look like. It made me hopeful about my own life, spiritually and otherwise.
– Isabella Freedman retreat participant



What if your vacation was not only fun and relaxing, but also inspiring, enriching, and connected you and your family to an eco-conscious and diverse Jewish community? What if Jewish retreats can anchor a 21st century Jewish community in communal values and vision that go beyond denominations and local communities, forming a wide network of people whose lives have been transformed by their retreat experiences, who themselves become forces for transformation in the world?

Hazon’s merger with Isabella Freedman will provide you with an opportunity to access a variety of retreat opportunities in one of the most enchanting and inspiring places in the world. This Jewish retreat center in the Connecticut Berkshires, which has been living Hazon’s values for many years, will soon be ours to call home. Isabella Freedman also comes with an array of programs that invite you to engage spiritually, ecologically, and creatively with a Judaism in which you can find meaning in your own way, through your own passions and interests.

This summer, there are over a dozen ways to join Hazon’s Isabella Freedman community. And for every retreat, people fly, drive, train, and bus to the pilgrimage destination that is this most beautiful and special place. We invite you to join us at our new home, Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, for retreats that include:

[Image]Teva Seminar June 4 – 7
The annual Teva Seminar on Jewish Environmental Education is the premiere professional development opportunity for adults of all ages to explore Jewish environmental education, environmental sustainability, camping, gardening, or simply enjoying nature with others.

[Image]Elat Chayyim Living Laboratory & Shabbat June 17 – 23
Join us for a week dedicated to continuing the experiment in renewing Jewish spirituality. 5 Labs, 1 Community – renewing Jewish spirituality through yoga, prayer, meditation, text study, and social action. Presented in partnership with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality and ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal.

[Image]Judaism & Baseball June 28 – 30
Excitement is in the air as the manager has handed in his card announcing the starting line-up for the summer’s 2nd annual “Judaism & Baseball” retreat. If last year’s home run performance is any indication, fans will be in for the time of their lives! Presented in partnership with JewishMajorLeaguers.org and theNational Museum of American Jewish History.

[Image]Elat Chayyim ArtFest June 30 – July 3
Hands-On Jewish Art Festival! Celebrating and highlighting the vibrant infusion of creativity and artistic engagement in a diverse, eco-conscious Jewish community. Presented in partnership withThe Jewish Daily ForwardLABA House of StudyJewish Art Now,Jewish Art SalonArt Kibbutz NYC, and Meta-Phys Ed Performance Collaborative.

[Image]Torah Yoga July 22 – 28
Experience the wonder of Torah study and the groundedness of yoga practice with Diane Bloomfield, whose teachings spring forth from her own deep learning in Jerusalem. Through the study of Jewish teachings and the practice of select yoga postures, we will dive into the inner world of body, mind, heart, and soul. Presented in partnership with JCC Manhattan.

[Image]Adamah Farm Vacations July 29 – August 1, August 19 – 23
Join us for a summer vacation in the Berkshires that is affordable, family-friendly, and eco-conscious! The Adamah Farm allows you to spend quality time with yourself and your loved ones in an easy to get to place that is far from the fast-paced world. Hourly childcare is available by request for an additional fee.

[Image]Mikvah: Immersion in Collaborative Judaism August 14-18
Every participant is a volunteer-leader. Lead a workshop, a song, a prayer service, or a conversation, teach a text, share a skill, or lead a dance, a hike, or a yoga class. Pluralistic, inclusive, diverse community: everyone is welcome, all religious practices will be supported. Gift-economy fee structure: pay what you can, and pay it forward for others. Presented in partnership with Limmud NY.

We strive to ensure access to retreats for everyone. Need-based Financial Aid is available for each retreat.

More than just retreats, Isabella Freedman is home to several Jewish spiritual and environmental programs:




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