The Covenant Foundation invests $1.75 million in new grant projects

The Covenant Foundation announced $1.75 million in new grants today, continuing its decades-long commitment to recognizing and supporting visionary and inclusive projects geared toward every Jewish learner.

“Reading through the descriptions of the 2023 slate of Covenant Foundation grants, I am struck by the words ‘expand,’ ‘enhance,’ ‘develop,’ and ‘envision.”

Deborah Meyer, Chair of the Board of The Covenant Foundation

“These adjectives reveal both the potential of these projects as well as the mission of the Foundation: To grow the field of Jewish education in every direction. And we are endlessly grateful to have the opportunity to support the creative and devoted educators who are dreaming up new ways to do just that.”

Foundation grants are divided into two categories: Signature grants, which generally provide funding of up to $150,000 over three years, and Ignition grants, of up to $20,000 for one year to support new and untested approaches.

“The lineup of new grants this year reflects the Foundation’s abiding commitment to new approaches to learning and teaching for adults, children, and families,” said Joni Blinderman, Executive Director of The Covenant Foundation.

“Both the 2023 Signature and Ignition grant projects also indicate the Foundation’s continuing priority of welcoming everyone across the spectrum of Jewish life to learn and grow as individuals and in community. Addressing issues as varied as divorce, environmental education, disability inclusion, civic engagement, and theater arts, these ambitious projects will undoubtedly serve and strengthen our community as a whole.”

The 2023 Signature Grants:

Adamah, Reisterstown, MD. Shamati. To train Jewish educators to address all dimensions of climate anxiety through a Jewish lens in order to cultivate the spiritual health and empowerment of Jewish teens and young adults nationwide.

Project Director: Liana Rothman; $86,460 (2 years).