Hakhel Israel Resilience Trip – January 2024: Days 1-2

Written by Ari Furman from LAZOS Chile.
Today we’ve officially started the program and with full intensity!

Last night we arrived at Kibbutz Ravid to meet the rest of the participants and organizers, we shared a tasty dinner and were told what was going to happen during the upcoming days. In the group there are people from the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico and Chile.

Today we woke up at 6 am to start our first day as volunteers and a little before seven we were already on the fields; we trimmed and clipped mango trees to get them ready for the next season, making sure they all got the light they need and creating the conditions for them to bloom. By noon it was quite hot outside and we stopped for a well deserved lunch. It was fun and interesting; none of us is skilled in agricultural work but we could do it and felt useful.

After lunch we had a fruitful discussion with Lee Hacham, who came to us all the way from Akko to discuss aspects of the current situation in Israel. We learned about the IDF’s ethics policies and how those tensions are addressed during times of war.

After some very much needed rest we ended up the day with a poike and a bonfire where we summed up the day. Looking forward to tomorrow!