New Five-Year Farm Bill Approved

The Hill Reported Yesterday:

The Senate Agriculture Committee on Thursday approved a new five-year farm bill over the objections of southern senators in a 16 to 5 final vote.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) also voted against the bill after expressing concerns about cuts to food stamp funding in the legislation.

Overall the bill cuts $24.7 billion in funding over ten years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. It eliminates traditional direct payment farm subsidies and creates new crop insurance plans to reduce risk to farmers. 

Please note that this doesn’t mean the bill has been passed, but that the bill has been approved by the Agriculture committee and now needs to be passed through the whole senate. This is a significant step in what will be a very long process.

Read Senate Panel Approves Five-Year Farm Bill on The Hill

This is the latest in a series of regular updates on the development of the next Farm Bill which will be provided by Judith Belasco, Director of Programs at Hazon. If you are interested in writing about your work on the Farm Bill, please be in touch.

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