[Newsletter] August 4 – Jewish Food Movement Rising

Jewish Food Movement Rising

By Daniel Infeld

Originally posted on The Jew and the Carrot

Last week, the California based advocacy group Roots of Change posted a video called “Food Movement Rising.” This inspiring video reminds us of the challenges that we face and the responses that we can make to our contemporary food system.

[IMG Food at the Food Conference]The video encourages people who are passionate about the food movement to connect with each other and work together to make a better and brighter future. Michael Dimock, President of Roots of Change, has presented at the Hazon Food Conference in the past, and his organization continues to inspire our work. Here at Hazon, the video serves as a great reminder as to how we can make change in our food system through our Jewish institutions.

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Daniel Infeld is the Institutional Advancement Associate at Hazon, and a graduate of Clark University. Daniel loves cooking, eating, smelling, and learning about food, especially when it leads to spending time with friends and loved ones around the Shabbat table. He is looking forward to spending time with you at the Hazon Food Conference.

Register for the Food Conference Today!

A Closer Look: New York Ride and Retreat

Announcing the Shabbat Schedule

[IMG Photo Alt]The educational theme of the New York Ride’s Shabbat Retreat is “Food Choices: Why What We Eat Matters,” and we are promising participants a fun, relaxing, engaging, and informative weekend at the beautiful Camp Kinder Ring. The schedule for the weekend [PDF] has now been finalized, so check it out to learn about all the exciting activities, workshops, services and meals – all keeping with the theme of food choices – offered throughout the retreat weekend.

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Rider Spotlight: Donna and Makayla Kahan

[IMG Photo Alt]When Donna Kahan first read about Hazon’s New York Ride, she thought it sounded like something she would love to do, but didn’t see how it would work because leaving her kids and husband for Labor Day weekend just seemed too complicated. A resident of Demarest, NJ, Donna had been on the lookout for a new group to bike with since her cycling group had recently broken up. She decided to check out the Hazon training rides.

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Why We Ride With Hazon: Ruth Messinger [VIDEO]

[IMG YouTube clip]We want to know, why do you ride with Hazon?

We grabbed a video camera and started asking. This week we hear from Ruth Messinger, president and executive director of American Jewish World Service. She has ridden in every New York Ride since its inception.

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Special Promotion! The next 30 riders to register receive 30% off registration. Use the discount code “30riders” to save!

More Information and Registration

See the Land from the Seat of Your Bike

Routes for Cyclists of Every Level

Jerusalem to Eilat

November 8 – 15, 2011

Join 100 cyclists on a week-long vacation to explore the land of Israel.
Learn about the history and ecological challenges in the region
and support the environmental movement in the Middle East.

The Israel Ride has routes for everyone – from a challenging route for seasoned cyclists to a touring route for newer riders.

[IMG Chalutzim View]Our challenge route has extended routes that allow riders to explore more corners of Israel. On these routes riders can weave through farmland in the Jerusalem hills, experience a century ride on the outskirts of the Negev, ride along the Egyptian border on the army patrol road, cross through biblical deserts, and climb out of the Arava Rift Valley. Featuring more than 350 miles in five days of riding, this route is a must for the experienced rider.

More Information and Registration

Connect to the Land of Israel in a Whole New Way

[IMG rugelach!]Israel Sustainable Food Tour

November 2-7, 2011

Tour Israel for six days from the unique perspective of sustainable food systems.

Visit innovative desert agriculture sites, meet small scale producers, glean produce, and tour the shuk from an insider’s point of view.

Enjoy delicious food, comfortable accommodations, and a relaxing Shabbat experience.

More Information and Registration

Vote for Hazon in Citgo’s Fueling Good Summer Charity Contest

[IMG fueling Good]Citgo wants to know “How far can a gallon of gas go?” We’re hoping to take it across the United States in support of our cyclists.

Every Hazon ride provides extensive support to its cyclists. This means transporting people and gear in cars and trucks. The cost of fuel is rising and that raises the costs of running a Hazon ride. With your help we can provide grant recipients with the funds they deserve.

Read More | Vote Now and Daily for Hazon



Setting the Table

Sustainable Food, Sustainable Families

[IMG Photo Alt]This four-part series will teach you how to cook fresh, seasonal, and delicious meals for you and your family.

  • Learn simple and accessible cooking techniques, geared toward young families
  • Connect with other young Jewish families living in Brownstone Brooklyn
  • Nurture your family through food and Jewish tradition
  • Prepare food to freeze and eat on a hectic evening

Series One in the spring was successful! Learn more about it on The Jew and the Carrot and in The Jewish Week.

Series Two: 6:30-9:30pm on October 27th, November 3rd, 11th, and 17th (Thursday Evenings)

Series Three: 6:30-9:30pm on December 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd (Thursday Evenings)

Please note: to participate in this program, you must live in Brownstone Brooklyn, and be expecting a baby, or be a parent of a 0-2 year old.

More Information and Registration



B’Naiture: Wilderness Torah’s B’nai Mitzvah Two-Year Nature Based Mentorship Journey

Begins Fall, 2011; For Ages 11-13

[IMG Kids! Doing things!] Make your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah the adventure of a lifetime with Wilderness Torah’s B’nai Mitzvah Nature Mentorship Program!

B’naiture takes your child on a journey through nature to experience the transition from childhood into adolescence. Through immersion camping trips and bi-monthly gatherings, B’naiture weaves nature skills, personal challenge, and non-parental mentorship together with Jewish teachings and story to craft an empowering coming-of-age process. Separate male and female cohorts honor the unique journeys they take at this time. B’naiture Girls and B’naiture Boys will be separate cohorts that concentrate on skills and awareness specific to being a boy or girl and both programs will run concurrently and overlap.

B’naiture supplements traditional B’nai Mitzvah education or serves the independent family journey.

Check out the recent article about B’naiture in the J Weekly

More Information and Registration

Wilderness Torah’s Fifth Annual Sukkot on the Farm Festival

Join us for Wilderness Torah’s Fifth Annual Sukkot on the Farm Festival in Pescadero, CA

[IMG Sukkoting]Thursday, October 13th, 5 PM to Sunday, October 16th, 12 PM

Early Bird Registration closes August 22nd!

Register at wildernesstorah.org

For those observing chag, please join us on Wednesday before sunset.

Wilderness Torah invites you to gather in multi-generational community for the fifth annual Sukkot on the Farm Festival – a three-night campout and celebration of the fall harvest at Green Oaks Creek Farm in Pescadero, CA. Come co-create our village and enjoy a long weekend of farm-fresh organic food, Shabbat and Sukkot celebration, bonfires, music, learning, kids and teens activities, meditation, movement, and more. Reawaken the Water Festival, Simchat Beit Hashoevah, where we honor and call in the waters for the coming year and dance and celebrate with live music on Saturday night. Participants should be comfortable in the outdoors and committed to a shared group experience.

More Information and Registration

Northwest Earth Institute

An event from Hazon’s friends.

[IMG NW Earth Institute]The Northwest Earth Institute is hosting a sustainable food conference in beautiful Port Townsend, Washington. This year’s conference theme is building healthy communities and food systems one conversation at a time. Join for three inspiring days of speaking events, workshops, delicious locally sourced food, and great friends, old and new.

What: NWEI’s Bi-Annual North American Gathering

Where: Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, Washington

When: September 15th-18th, 2011

How: To register or for more information, please call us at 503.227.2807. Detailed information on rates and accommodations.

YouthCon 2011 – Informal Jewish Educators Convention

An event from Hazon’s friends.

Join more than 40 experts on the forefront of informal Jewish education and over 200 participants representing more than 60 organizations from all different backgrounds at the inaugural YouthCon convention. Learn about the latest trends, share the industry’s best practices, and network with the people impacting the Jewish future. Don’t miss this event taking place on Sunday, August 21, at the Stamford Hilton in Connecticut.

With more than 35 sessions to choose from and at only $36 for the entire day (including gourmet lunch), YouthCon is the ultimate destination for experiential educators! So whether you’d like to learn more about digitally connecting with teens, cultivating leaders, or many more powerful tools and skills – register today.

The event is open to Jewish educators of all backgrounds and denominations.

More Information and Registration

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