Teva Tunes


Fostering a commitment to tikkun olam – healing the world – through the rhythms and wisdom of the natural world.

Teva Tunes is the official soundtrack for Teva

Song Lyrics

Adamah V’Shamayim (lyrics by Shimon Lev-Tahor (Suissa))
All God’s Critters (by Bill Staines)
Bicycle Song (lyrics and music by Mat Tonti)
Blame Not (lyrics by Cara Silverberg, melody by Peter Tosh)
Compost Pile (lyrics by Fall Teva 2014, music by Johnny Cash)
Decomposition (lyrics and music by Steve VanZandt)
Deep Inside My Heart
Ivdu et Hashem B’simcha (Psalm 100; Melody by Rabbi Moshe Shor)
Learn to Live
Psolet on My Planet (lyrics by Daniel Kieval and Gavriel Meir-Levi)
Teva is an immersive nature and community living experience that brings the teachings of Torah to life for Jewish Day School students.