Why Do We Blow Shofar?

Rosh Hashanah and indeed many moments in Jewish life would not be complete without the sound of the Shofar – as we hear this note we reflect on the meaning and origin of the Shofar as well as its significance to Jewish life and the world we wish to create – a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable world for all.


Warm thanks go out to Hazon staff, board, and stakeholders for making this work possible.

Thank you to Rabbi Felicia Sol & to B’nai Jeshurun for suggesting that we make this video.

Written by: Nigel Savage
Produced by: Hannah Henza
Narrative Edited by: Rabbi Nate De’Groot, Carly Sugar, Hannah Henza, Nigel Savage
Video Edited by: Jack Henza

Media Credits:
Footage of ram: Video by rjohnson798589 from Pixabay 
Photo of Rabbi Goren at Kotel: Wikimedia
Bernard Picart: The Sounding of the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah: Wikimedia
Photo of Yemenite Jew Blowing Shofar: Wikimedia

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