Isabella Freedman

Adamah Farm CSA

You are invited to share our harvests this season

As a CSA member, the full payment for your share before the season begins allows our farmers to focus on growing the healthiest, most delicious food while caring for the land. In return, you receive an abundance of fresh local produce every week from June – November.

Each weekly harvest offers a balanced variety of veggies including roots, greens, alliums, and fruiting crops. CSA shares do vary from season to season based on how crops respond to climate conditions.

Pick up location is at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT. Weekly and bi-weekly shares are available with a sliding scale pricing system.


Fresh is more delicious and local marketing allows us to choose varieties based on flavor rather than shipping durability.


A share represents a colorful dose of vitamins and minerals. Harvest notes suggest storage methods to keep your veggies fresh.


Get to know your farmer and fellow veggie-lovers. Members are invited to come pick certain crops.


We use compost, cover crops and diversity rather than chemicals. Quality, ecology, and labor issues are all transparent.


Most weeks members receive at least 10% more organic produce compared to the same cost at a farmers’ market or grocery store.

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116 Johnson Rd, Falls Village, CT 06031