The Jew and the Carrot Round Up – 2/6/2012

Here are some great articles from The Jew and the Carrot you may have missed last week discussing the latest in Jews, food, and contemporary life. Thank you to Hazon intern, Alyssa Berkowitz, for compiling this week’s round up!

  • Seven (Local) Species for Tu B’Shvat-“It’s coming up on Tu B’Shvat, and for many, the holiday poses a dilemma. On the one hand, the kabbalistic roots of the holiday invite us to connect to the land of Israel through its food. Many of the symbolic foods at Tu B’Shvat seders are among the Seven Species of crops mentioned in Deuteronomy that have grown in the land of Israel since ancient times.”
  • A Different Taste of Time– “In my family, as in many others, certain recipes and treats always accompany holidays, helping to mark them as special and separate from the rest of the year.”
  • Crying Over Spoilt Onions– “It was the pile of onions that made me cry. Not in the way you might think—I wasn’t standing over a cutting board, knife in hand, sobbing my way through an extended dicing activity. The onions that made me cry were whole, bagged and stacked about 5 feet high, in a small village in Western Senegal, where I was travelling with American Jewish World Service.”

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