Weekly Farm Bill Round Up! 7/16-7/20

House panel approves farm bill 35-11, with a strong bipartisan majority, and putting pressure on the Republican leadership to allow floor debate on the subject this summer. This measure promises $35 billion in 10-year savings, unfortunately achieved through tremendous cuts from food stamps and major rewrites of commodity programs.

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow further points out why it is vital that the bill must be brought to the House floor immediately.  She explains how “with droughts and weather disasters plaguing America’s agriculture economy, failure to pass a Farm Bill or passing a short-term extension would add even more uncertainty and stress onto American farm families and small business.”

What this article fails to capture is the outrage from the justice community about the $16 billion cuts to the program SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Additionally, it does not mention how the potential bill will basically move payments to wealthy farmers (and non-farmers) from direct payments to insurance, rather than fixing the current loop holes. Even more unsettling are the restrictions to advertising SNAP benefits, making it less likely for those eligible to hear and learn about the program.

  • Have you ever wondered how politicians vote and who funds their campaigns? Here’s an informative breakdown of the above, specifically regarding the farm bill!
  • And finally, after learning about potential changes, additions, and cuts to the new farm bill, Environmental Working Group lists their top 10 reasons to reject to House farm bill.

Take action: Sign the Hazon petition for sustainable food systems.

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