Adamah Farm Bill Campaign

Join us in advocating for a just and climate-friendly 2023 Farm Bill! The Farm Bill is a package of legislation with enormous impacts on all of us and on the planet. Congress is currently drafting an updated version to be voted on ahead of the previous bill’s scheduled expiration this Fall. 

This process presents a historic opportunity to 1) lower the nearly one third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions spewed by the food system; 2) reshape food production and distribution toward justice and equity; and 3) lean into Jewish food and farming wisdom that paints a vision of food sovereignty for all.

Recently passed other legislation, including the game-changing Inflation Reduction Act, has laid the groundwork for decarbonizing our economy. Now it’s time to spring into collective action to build on this momentum, transforming our food system toward justice and climate resilience.

Ways to Take Action with Adamah’s Farm Bill Campaign

Farm Bill Webinar and PDF

Watch our webinar to learn more about the Farm Bill and how your voice can make a difference. Check out our supplement to the webinar PDF to understand how critical the Farm Bill is to our food system and how you can weigh in.

Call your Representatives

Take a few minutes to call your representatives and ask them to support The Agriculture Resilience Act, a roadmap for reducing emissions from agriculture to net-zero by 2040. This bill lays the groundwork for centering climate action and equity in the Farm Bill process moving forward. Make it easy and quick by using our handy script. 


Join Adamah at the Rally for Resilience March 6-8th in Washington DC! Demand a just and climate-friendly 2023 Farm Bill along with farmers and eaters from across the country