Hazon + Pearlstone = Adamah

Announcing Adamah:

the merger of Hazon and Pearlstone

In late 2021, the Pearlstone and Hazon boards of directors approved the merger of our two organizations. Since then, the staff and boards have been working to develop a new strategic framework that strengthens our transformational work in Jewish environmental education, climate action, and immersive retreats. Over the last 18 months, it became clear that, in some ways, we were building something entirely new to respond to the inflection point in American Jewish life in which we find ourselves.

In response to this moment in history, I am thrilled to share our new name: Adamah

This word, adamah (ah-dah-mah), is the Hebrew word for earth, and contains within it the word adam (ah-dahm), meaning person; a powerful expression of the unity and spirit that motivates our work.

At Adamah, we cultivate vibrant Jewish life in deep connection with the earth. Every day, we inspire and empower people to feel that connection, activate Jewish identity, build inclusive community, and work towards a more sustainable future.

At our Core Campuses at Pearlstone in Maryland and Isabella Freedman in Connecticut, at our Community Impact Hub in Detroit (and new hubs opening in SoCal and elsewhere in 2023), and in countless Jewish communities throughout North America, Adamah will continue to engage and inspire tens of thousands each year. I encourage you to visit our new website, adamah.org, to learn more.

We are so excited to welcome you to our next phase of growth.

Jakir Manela, CEO

About Our Name and Logo

Adamah is the Hebrew word for earth, planet, or ground. It also contains the Hebrew word adam, meaning human. As a name, Adamah signals that we are the Jewish connection between people and planet. Our new name also reflects an elevation of the scale and potential of our work, serving as a strong global Jewish voice with investors, leaders, and partners, including other faith partners.

The Sunflower’s cluster is a spiral fractal oriented according to the “golden ratio,” the pattern underlying what we find beautiful in art, music, and nature itself. The fractal’s radiating petals call to mind the passion for life and sustainability which drives us here at Adamah.


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